Interesting Links

Links Added 10th Feb 2016


Jonathan Haidt: “What on Earth is Happening to Us?”


Here’s How Morality Shapes the Presidential Contest


Donald Trump supporters think about morality differently than other voters.


Link Added April 19th 2013

Comprehensive new article from Haidt at Democracy a Journal of Ideas website.  He is using the phrase Positive Liberty as I use Freedom From, and Negative Liberty as I use Freedom To.    The left in the UK crticised Negative Freedom as the freedom to starve under the arches and offered, as Haidt says Johnson did, something called Liberty (to distinguish it from the right’s use of the word freedom) by which they meant Freedom From oppression, Freedom From tyranny, Freedom From class domination and the morphing into Freedom From injustice to Freedom From Social Injustice.   The British Left motivated by the same Moral Intuitions made the same journey a little earlier than Johnson’s Democrats.

Link Added May 2nd May 2013

Video discussion between Jonathan Haidt and Tamar Szabo Gendler of Yale University at Bloggin Heads TV

Link added 2nd May 2013

A new Ted talk by Jonathan Haidt focusing on American politics

Link added on the 8th May 2013

Ravi Iyer is a sometime collaborator of Haidt, and writes one of the best political psychology blogs on the Web.  (Actually perhaps the only political psychology blog on the Web!)

Link added 24th June 2013

On physical strength as a potential determinate of political outlook.  Interesting to this blog as it is so violently at odds with the standard view of the formation of political perspectives.

Link added 16th July, 2013

This is surely one of the most incredible findings of recent social psychology.  Political Conservatives have hieghtened levles of disgust sensitivity.

A TED video from David Pizarro who researches the correlation between disgust sensitivity political conservatism

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