Conservatives have an advantage

Conservatives have a political advantage, if according to Haidt politics is about emotions guided by moral intuitions.    Conservatives simpy have more of these so they care about more things, and critically they do care about the same things as the left but just weakly (the Welfare State begins under Bismarck the German Conservative statesman).  This weak claim to care/harm and fairness as redistribution confers enormous political advantage as it denies the totality of this ground to the left.

Add to the Haidt advantage, the social relations theory of Fiske which also shape our political ideologies and an additional Conservative advantage emerges – the strong MP reference.


There is more yellow covering on the side of Democratic Right, note that the right parries the left reverse dominance straight back with its matching pair – dominance.  More yellow more potential voters

Haidt%27s+Moral+Foundations+and+the+Conservative+Advantage (1)


The right’s strong MP showing offsets the left strong CS showing, how many voters is their for distributional social justice v’s economic competence claim of MP?


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