Amending Haidt

I want to do four things with Haidt’s foundations:

1. Use three of them – Care/Harm and Sanctity/Degradation and Loyalty/Betrayal in exactly the way he proposes. For each of these three everyone will be on a spectrum from strong to weak in terms of moral intuition.

2. Fairness/Cheating I want to split it out into Fairness as redistribution and Fairness as “taking out what you get back in” or Fairness as Proportionality. Again for each of these two we have a spectrum from strong to weak.

3. Liberty/oppression I split into “Freedom from” called positive liberty by Haidt meaning freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression, freedom from want and “Freedom to”, negative liberty, freedom of private economic initiative, freedom of expression, freedom of thought…

4. Authority/Subversion I combine with oppression part of Liberty/Oppression to posit that what is actually going on here is an oppositional spectrum from

Reverse Dominance……………………………Dominance/Authority

Plainly Haidt is correct that in group authority is valorized by some, monarchy has this moral intuition as its bedrock, and in the psychology of Conservatism there is a strong streak of social dominance. As for reverse dominance the fundamental reflexive anti-authoritarianism of the left is well known from the Anarchist tradition to Communists. Haidt is influenced by Bhoem when he says that this reverse dominance is an important part of the left but I go one step further and split it out and juxtapose against Authority. I will find ample evidence that leftists tend to think that authority per say can be immoral.

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